Attitude of Gratitude

Along this roller coaster ride we call life and specifically in the past two years since Covid-19 entered our lives there have been many ups and downs. The hardest thing to do is to keep focusing on the good things we have in this moment – to be mindful. The hardest part of all of… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Silent Screams

This is war on our children, and it is our duty to protect them. They are innocent and we will protect and work to preserve that innocence. As an adult who has done a lot of self-work and shadow work on the trauma endured in this life and studying about it in other people’s lives,… Continue reading Silent Screams

Stockholm Syndrome

As the mask mandates are lifted in our province finally, I am so happy to see so many people that are walking around without them. I am still disappointed in the fact that many places are still forcing their employees to wear them and I spoke to one today who said management told them they… Continue reading Stockholm Syndrome

This Woman

The letter below is not my own and credit given to the creator of it below. When I read this I was brought to tears because so many times we are told we are broken, or damaged, or unworthy. The tears were from a place of strength mixed with sadness of hardships, but we have… Continue reading This Woman