Stockholm Syndrome

As the mask mandates are lifted in our province finally, I am so happy to see so many people that are walking around without them. I am still disappointed in the fact that many places are still forcing their employees to wear them and I spoke to one today who said management told them they have to.
It boggles my mind, to be honest, the level of control these store managers even want and have over their employees. The lengths that these people will continue to go to is baffling. Sometimes I really wonder if it’s just ignorance at this point. Two years into this “pandemic” and they are still telling people what to do. These things really concern me, because I begin to wonder where is their limit? Where is the “off” switch that managers will activate in themselves to stop following orders from the government. People in survival will go to extreme measures to protect themselves and this is what we are witnessing, sadly they aren’t protecting their employees though, or at least it doesn’t look that way to me.

Stockholm Syndrome Education-- Understanding Stockholm ...
Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t just occur in abusive relationships with a partner.
It occurs with family, friends, employers, government, professionals of all kinds like Doctors…..
NO ONE is exempt from Stockholm Syndrome caused by abuse and trauma and we all have been dealing with it to some degree.

These events really need to start waking people up to the fact that if the mandates are lifted, why is it ok for some and not others? I hope this would be a question many will ask if their employer still is coercing them. Would it be ok if I had someone holding my mouth stifling me from speaking (like above picture), including my employer, or my government? Would I allow a partner to do this to me? When have I suffered enough?
My heart goes out to you if you are currently in this situation, and all I can hope at this point is the employees are able to find an employer who is willing to accept you as an employee, and as an individual who has sovereign power and say over what you do with your body. Support small businesses, maybe the big businesses who are being the Gestapo dictators are the ones who need to fail completely. I really keep hoping there are people like that out there right now that have decided to join this tyrannical fight to protect others, we all need to be advocates for everyone.

My heart really hurts for these people who are so stuck or are feeling stuck in this for a bunch of reasons, and the biggest one I ask myself is, “what would I have done in this situation with my son in my care as a single mom?” I empathize because so many of these people don’t have the means or ability to just leave their job or sue and wait for a lawsuit to come back in their favor. So many are terrified that they will not be able to be hired somewhere else or that if they try to apply and say they don’t want to wear a mask, that will make them look bad by saying such a thing.

These are the elephants in the room that people need to start addressing and standing behind each other when they say NO. “NO.” is a complete sentence. It took me until I was in my 20’s to learn how to say no and not change my mind to be a people pleaser, the people pleaser was the child in me trying to be “good” so I could be “loveable”. We have been taught all our lives that we are only loveable if we think of everyone else first and do what they want us to…and if there’s enough time in the day, then you can think of yourself. Why do we teach conditional love to self but unconditional love to others? Is this the generational trauma in all races, colors, religions, etc? Shouldn’t we be teaching how to love self as others and others as self? Everything is a reflection of ourselves afterall…

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Survival mode is the very basic instinct we have and we will do a great many things including harmful ones, just to “protect” ourselves and the ones we love when we are in those states of survival. Our fight/flight is activated, but when something goes on for a long period of time, we turn into a freeze state, which is what is now known as stockholm syndrome. The abuse was so long and harsh, that the brain of that person who was abused now has adopted a new ideology of “it wasn’t that bad of a thing to do, and those people aren’t that bad for making me do it”.

So while we think of mass formation psychosis as a negative thing (and yes it is for those suffering, but there’s a reason it’s there), we need to realize the trauma of Stockholm Syndrome, that is what I think will be the final part of “the awakening”.

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