Silent Screams

This is war on our children, and it is our duty to protect them. They are innocent and we will protect and work to preserve that innocence.
Information war is what we are in. World War 3 is silent this time.
War is always traumatic, it creates a stockholm syndrome and dysfunctional coping methods.
It. Needs. To. Stop. NOW.

As an adult who has done a lot of self-work and shadow work on the trauma endured in this life and studying about it in other people’s lives, I remember the gift of why I had to go through those things. I also know how easily children can become collateral damage in a very dysfunctional world full of harmful systems. Not being heard in life, especially childhood, leaves scars unseen and unknown to most.

Child Abuse by kyllerkyle on DeviantArt

But as we live in this society now and see the trauma on the faces of our kids, we have to be a part of the solution to make it stop. We have to show these kids that THEY matter. The voices matter. The cries matter. The heartbreak matters. Their pain matters. The confusion matters. Ultimately, everyone matters and some of us are really fighting for these children and all the unheard tears, screams, pleas, etc.

Stay strong youth, their game is almost over. We hear you, we were you, we see you, we will hold your invisible hand until we can put an end to this, and then we will hold you to feel whatever you need to feel, until you feel safe. This poem is directed to all the suffering youth right now. I might have been a lost youth once upon a time, but that message I had to carry all my life has been my weight to carry to be here, now for this moment so I could make a difference and a change, because your pain is what my little childhood felt like, the battlefield was just different.

You are not alone, reach out to whomever you can that you trust in these hard times and if you don’t know, aren’t sure or are confused about who to trust, even if it’s online support through the youth resource page because you don’t feel like your family will understand, please use the resources and reach out to someone. Some of us see and know. You aren’t alone even though you feel like it.

Child Sexual Abuse in Scientology
The mask you are being forced to wear, is no different than someone holding their hands over your face. We will not allow you to continue to be silenced. We know what child abuse is. Our generation will stop it. Hold on beautiful souls, we are almost at the endgame…. YOU ARE HEARD

I recently met a 15 year old girl who was so traumatized by all the pressure at school and with her divorced parents, (she literally started crying and said, “I felt like I was the only one and that I was all alone”) all I could do was ask if I could hug her and tell her she’s not alone.
We often don’t realize the struggle of another and we all have pain. We hear it, even if I’ve never met you…. most pain is the same in childhood as it is in adulthood, so please….help us help you work through it… Just keep holding on, better days are coming. Below is my poem called Silent Screams.

I tried to tell you, show you and I tried to explain, 🤔
But all you could seem to hear was me just complain🤨
You didn’t want to see all the science and truth,😑
You didn’t want to admit this was hurting our youth.🤫

You wanted to keep me oppressed and silent,🤐
You wanted me to simply obey, just be compliant😶
That little girl inside was screaming at the world to stop this decision,😩
But people acted like zombies, wouldn’t turn off the television🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ 📺

There I was standing alone, broken and crying inside, 💔
What others couldn’t see happening I knew all were lies 🤥
Even friends and family I love with all my heart, 💞
Told me I was a conspiracy theorist, pushing us further apart.😖

Why would I lie to anyone about this genocide?🙄
Why would I want to be bullied, ridiculed or ostracized? 😤
Apparently I wasn’t smart enough to give this information🤓
All the while I watched everyone cheer on degradation. 🤮

You would rather listen to actors, doctors and bureaucrats you don’t know, 👩‍🎓Than trust your friends or family, your brainwashing showed 🧠
Sad to me you would reject the ones who cared for you the most ☹️
Conditional love is the damage caused by the parasitic host 😒

Once again little girl you will never be heard! 🥺
Like your childhood all over again, not one word! 😔
I told her it’s ok now though and I held her so tight, 👱‍♀️
I told her I believed in her and wouldn’t give up the fight. 💪
For that little girl speaks for all the kids now, 👀
What I couldn’t do back then we’ll make right somehow🙂
This is reparenting and the process of creating new Earth 🌎
One that is full of love and peace, where everyone has worth. 🙏
I told her to take my hand because I’ll never let her go 🙋‍♀️🤱
We are in this together sweet one, someday it will show 🥰
The love for the children, their pain was mine too 😓
Hearing those silent pleas, somehow we will make it through…
I watched as you looked at me with sadness in your eyes, 😢
Screams to help take the mask off but binded by ties 🥺
Of doing “what’s right for others” even though I can’t breathe 😷
I’m a danger to others is the message they pushed to deceive… 😞

Everyone has a journey and their life lessons to find, 📝
Many of those lessons really confuse and play games with the mind ▶️
Look inside yourself for truth though and follow your heart ♥
Say goodbye to the old world because love is where the new one will start 👋😍

By admin

I am a holistic mental health coach and have over 20 years combined education, research, training and experience in mental health, counselling and psychology. My previous experience in the mental health field has consisted of working with a diverse range of specialties that include communities and clients affected with special needs, addictions and recovery, workshop presentations, individual counselling, group facilitations, as well as crisis interventions, to name a few. Since Spring of 2019, my life situation has forced my learning to take on a new direction and there has been so much information and personal growth, a huge shift in my well-being holistically. This has given me a driving passion to teach others these amazing tools, information and application of what you can begin to implement in order to live your very best life no matter what your personal situation is. There’s something for everyone here, I will be referring mostly to the cause, effects, education, consequences and implementations towards your recovery, no matter what it is you are challenged with at this time in your life. Currently located in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canad, my personal journey has contributed to a path of coping with chronic pain through various accumulated stressful and traumatic experiences that were stored unconsciously within the body. Personal traumas ranging from sexual assault, “special needs” parenting of an “Aspergers transgender” child, “parental alienation”, abusive relationships, divorce, and so much more. My goal is to teach you the steps you will learn to take, to heal your mind, emotions and body, simultaneously. Each person is unique and results vary, but this is the start of a journey that could result in a lasting and healing process of do-it-youself-care.

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