Ouch. My energy is in motion this week! I’m feeling it on a physical level which I can only observe as energy from Schumann Resonance these days. I was feeling great last week, even went out for a jog on Friday! That was a large success without incident and I was super productive. The weekend came and went, I went hiking with my husband on Sunday and my back really started to act up. But not in the same location that my back usually acts up (lower) when I have “relapses” it has been the lower back so of course I am fascinated and positive that my upper back/shoulder discomfort that has presented itself is a whole new can of worms to look at.

Today, the heartbeat of Mother Earth as measured by the Schumann Resonance. White lights are codes that are assisting our DNA, but we feel these energies in ways we can’t imagine! Especially when we are lacking a regular connection to to Mother Earth.

Of course being in the line of work of trauma and re-association of the spiritual, mental and physical integration I came up with the following theories while listening to my body.

  1. I am dealing with past life traumas, psychic attacks and/or purging old energies, maybe there’s a block in my heart chakra. We are all energetic and electric beings, so maybe there’s much going on that I can’t see, even though I feel it!
  2. Maybe there is something more stressful than usual that I need to look at working at a sub/unconscious level that I need to explore. (Based on John Sarno’s 3 day premise of what has the trigger been yesterday, today or tomorrow). I also give myself enough time to work through the discomfort on my own through various methods like frequency music, grounding techniques or just waiting for a period of time to see if the energy starts to move around again.
  3. Maybe (old programming) tells me there’s something legitimately wrong and to go to the doctor or hospital.

Let me explain my process through this. I can debunk number 3 because I do not believe in that system anymore after years dealing with health issues, so to think they will be helpful in the event that I have any problems aside from a broken leg or needing stitches, I know is not going to happen based on my lengthy experience in dealing with that system. At this point even if it was a heart condition I’ll take my chances considering the level of harm the hospitals are putting people through my chances of survival are higher without going through their testing and such. When my time in this life is up, I will go back to creator, it’s not anything I fear having had a near death experience already.

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Number 2, I suppose it could be the fact that we are stressed about how we are going to pay bills this month like rent and such as we have no reliable income stream, however I do not fully believe that this is the issue just based on the fact that I know we can pay our immediate bills.

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Number 1. Aha. Let me explain what I discovered. I went looking for this information out of curiousity, as well as exploring more about the chakras, it’s never really been in my realm of understanding energies, but I rule nothing out anymore because in learning and growing we have to seek out what works for us and sometimes it’s something we hadn’t even considered. Here’s what I found:


According to https://www.cure-back-pain.org/emotional-back-pain.html
Repressed subconscious emotions are some of the main causes of unresolved back pain around the globe. Medicine does not traditionally acknowledge that the emotional mind can cause physical symptoms in the body, although times are changing in this regard. More and more doctors now do accept the psychoemotional processes to be just as crucial to health as the purely physical ones. This is demonstrated in the ever growing availability of mindbody treatments for such seemingly physical conditions as addiction, cancer, autoimmune diseases and of course, chronic pain.
Moving through this time of sadness and grief, and even anger sometimes at what’s occurring in the world, it’s no wonder that my upper back/chest pain and right shoulder pain (carrying the weight of the world, lacking emotional support because many people are dealing with their own traumas). I also am very aware that there are certain people in my life that I have a hard time forgiving and forgiveness is heart centered. I guess that’s why the saying is, “Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself.”
This speaks to the immense legitimacy of these mindbody connection models. Our body has so much wisdom, we just need to learn to live in harmony with it when it speaks to us…

Credit to David Wolfe’s page in showing the areas of emotional holding within the body.

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I am a holistic mental health coach and have over 20 years combined education, research, training and experience in mental health, counselling and psychology. My previous experience in the mental health field has consisted of working with a diverse range of specialties that include communities and clients affected with special needs, addictions and recovery, workshop presentations, individual counselling, group facilitations, as well as crisis interventions, to name a few. Since Spring of 2019, my life situation has forced my learning to take on a new direction and there has been so much information and personal growth, a huge shift in my well-being holistically. This has given me a driving passion to teach others these amazing tools, information and application of what you can begin to implement in order to live your very best life no matter what your personal situation is. There’s something for everyone here, I will be referring mostly to the cause, effects, education, consequences and implementations towards your recovery, no matter what it is you are challenged with at this time in your life. Currently located in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canad, my personal journey has contributed to a path of coping with chronic pain through various accumulated stressful and traumatic experiences that were stored unconsciously within the body. Personal traumas ranging from sexual assault, “special needs” parenting of an “Aspergers transgender” child, “parental alienation”, abusive relationships, divorce, and so much more. My goal is to teach you the steps you will learn to take, to heal your mind, emotions and body, simultaneously. Each person is unique and results vary, but this is the start of a journey that could result in a lasting and healing process of do-it-youself-care.


  1. Yes, I can see you are really putting a huge amount of thought into this and are like many of us looking for the sources of our challenges. I got this website from Lorin, so Sacheen, I believe you may need to know of another factor influencing all of us and that of course is the name we use. This has been instrumental to me in adding a great amount of relaxation and peace to my life. It did cure a least one really severe disease 45 years ago which has never returned. I hope to see you on Friday at the potluck and maybe talk to you further then.

    1. Sounds wonderful, I am very interested in learning more about the frequency of our given name as you had mentioned, fascinating information. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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