Changes to the Criminal Code, Medical Aid in Dying & Government Control in Covid-19 Protocol

Welcome to Video 3 of this series.

Yesterday in Video 2 of this series of Mental Health Awareness week I spoke about how fear and trauma is created in the most common types of abuse. Today’s video I am going to discuss the changes that have been going on with the government and supreme court behind closed doors to further their control agenda and the new developments that MUST be discussed so people are aware and we can work together to put an end to all this once and for all.

As I have worked in mental health for over 16 years, so you could say I’m an expert in this field and have worked with various clientele who were struggling with a variety of issues. My training is applied psychology and counselling, as well as holistic mental health coaching as well as psychoneuroimmunology and neuroscience which will be tomorrrows’ video. While what I am about to tell you may seem concerning, I want you to remember the reasons why I am doing these videos is to make people aware so we can all stand up against this, stand together and support each other in these times of unknowns, there is strength in numbers so the more that people are aware of what’s happening, the harder we can fight back. There are more citizens in any area that can overthrow these tyranical governments and their dictatorships.

Have you heard of the Quebec Bill 15 passing? It’s just like when the government went ahead and passed Bill C15 against indigenous people to place them in residential schools.

Quebec passed Bill 15 recently which has removed parental rights to decisions regarding their children without due process of a fair trial. This gives full rights of authority to the state and no longer of the parents. This means they can decide what is in “best interests” of anyone’s child in the name of “youth safety”. This is a dysfunctional undermining of all parents in Quebec and soon to be all over Canada, and you need to understand the education system in Canada is also grooming children for their transgender agenda and pedophilia purposes through planting seeds of confusion about their gender, funding “universal washrooms” putting our kids at risk of sexual abuse by adults and each other, as well as planting subtle seeds through inappropriate stories or music and “their curriculum of sex education.”

So now they are apprehending children for whatever reasons they choose soon to be under the mental health act as they are already apprehending them through the ministry of children and families which is extremely traumatizing to children to be pulled from their environments, especially their parents and handed to the care of strangers.

Changes to the Criminal Code
In Feb 2015, the supreme court of canada ruled that parts of the criminal code would need to change. The parts that prohibited medical assistance in dying would no longer be valid. The supreme court gave the government until June 6, 2016 to create a new law. Part 3 of the Mental Health Act – Section 30 “Detention Under Criminal Code” states a person who, under the criminal code, is found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder or is found unfit on account of mental disorder to stand trial and who is ordered to be detained in a provincial mental health facility, must receive care and treatment appropriate to the condition of the person as authorized by the director.

Mental Health Act

If you are unaware of the mental health act, simplified it applies currently to anyone who is deemed “mentally unstable” can be involuntarily admitted against their will and taken to psychiatric facilities for treatment. This can include people who are a harm to themselves or others such as in the case of aggressive tendencies and/or suicidality. Anyone who works in the mental health field is aware that a person who has admitted harm to another or is threatening harm to themselves can be involuntarily admitted and detained for up to 48 hours and this can include police involvement in that apprehension. However upon further assessment by the director of a designated facility they have the ability to transfer a patient to a provincial mental health facility and given treatment for up to 30 or longer.
Mental health diagnosis include everything from anxiety, depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, ADHD, and so on.

Let me explain however, how this mental health act is now being manipulated to use against people as it is now going to relate to medical aid in dying called MAID.


MAID was passed originally specifically for patients who chose doctor’s assistance in dying to avoid suffering based on their physical diagnosis, exclusive to health issues like terminal cancer, Parkinson’s, ALS, and so on.

In February 2015 the government took it upon themselves to amend the criminal code, so they could include mental health issues which includes anyone who is diagnosed, now even by a physician or nurse whether you agree with it or not.

So to be clear, they are now going to start apprehending people of all ages at a physician’s mental health “diagnosis” to be euthanized against their for having someone’s version or diagnosis of a mental health issues, this will begin taking effect in March of 2023.

Did you know that German government prior to world war 2 legalized doctor assisted euthanasia, so history is repeating here and now.
Imagine being portrayed as a danger to yourself and others for not getting a medical experiment and injection that we know has an intention of genocide.

Direct Quote from the MAID document below

About mental illness and MAID

After March 17, 2023, people with a mental illness as their sole underlying medical condition will have access to MAID if they meet all of the eligibility requirements and the practitioners fulfill the safeguards that are put in place for this group of people. If you have a mental illness along with other medical conditions, you may be eligible to seek MAID. Eligibility is always assessed on an individual basis, taking into account all of the relevant circumstances.”

Do you know anyone with a mental health issue, or even deal with one yourself? Stats show that 1 in 3 Canadians will struggle with one in their lifetime.
Do you think it’s ok for someone to make an assumption about your wellness or illness while they get to act against you based on that judgment?

What can we do?

Stand up against this tyranny so they know we will not comply and we do not consent to what they are doing.

Form home schooling pods and get the children into them and out of the school system, or home school your children on your own. Education is no excuse to put children in harms way, just like taking an experimental medical injection is worth harming your health over just to comply and follow the rules. We have to be in the way of these children and our community members. Keep connecting to others as much as possible and start building the strongest community bonds where we can all work towards assisting each other through this. Together we can resist and fight these rules without violence, just making sure we are heard and are hearing each other.

Remember, I’m ok and You’re ok. Together we will heal.

Thanks for watching.

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