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So I couldn’t even bother to attend and listen to this Supporting Autistic Transgender Youth webinar at the 2 day Autism Symposium I was in today, because I can’t even believe the oxymoron of this clearly uneducated and inexperienced speaker and narrative that has been hijacked under the guise of mental health.

So instead, I chose to walk away from listening to more nonsense, and leave my question that will likely be unanswered anyways because it’s too long, de-transitioning isn’t spoken about (always only 1 side of the story with transgender ideology) and I see political ideologies being pushed even in the course before that about discrimination. The boundaries have been so blurred and convoluted that it’s no wonder people are so confused.

Here is the question I left for Kabe Sharp who only does spectrum counselling, so that should tell you enough about the level of Kabe’s indoctrination and own blind spots. Let’s not forget, we have drag queens working with autistic kids in the school systems, and this entire transgenderism is sexual abuse and grooming on a collective scale. Don’t ever lose sight of the hidden traumas that eventually come back to us to deal with.

Questions and Comments sent:
My son is autistic and doesn’t have the executive functioning to think about consequences of certain behaviors: so is this genital mutilation encouraging self harm and enabling masking in a harmful groupthink societal scenario??

As a holistic therapist specialized in trauma for over 15 years now, and the parent of an autistic son who was targeted for this medical intervention by the mental health system and taxpayers dollars while he was about developmentally age 13. All that physical trauma to the body instead of getting genuine and appropriate help for his gender dysphoria and other traumas related to being autistic?

Enabling transition of the autistic community, is only going to cause more issues within the family system and for the person with autism by given them more unnecessary confusion surrounding Pronouns instead of being a man or woman, boy or girl.. Cosmetic surgery is not an appropriate response for comorbidities. 88% of gender dysphoria is outgrown in adulthood and the rate of de-transitioning and suicidality amongst these people is alarming and is being hidden from the public, THIS is our mental health crisis currently isn’t it?

Ableism can also look like encouraging a social contagion in vulnerable youth of an underdeveloped ability to fit in due to stigma and then we want to further impose more stigma on them? Shouldn’t we be solving the problem of why they don’t like the aspect of themselves they are trying to change by harming themselves into possible life-threatening surgeries and dependence on a medical system?

There exist multiple sources of research and studies debunking transgenderism as effective treatments including John Hopkins studies back in 1972. We cannot be the cause of more trauma, which will simply increase suicidality and more health issues later on in their lives. Biology cannot be changed and that’s true common sense as well as legitimate science..

Our autistic people matter too and it’s up to us to stop this systemic abuse. fMRI can now accurately diagnose the autism community by a brain scan with 97% accuracy. This maybe will help in the treatment outcomes of autism vs trauma, because both are brain issues that need to be healed and they can be!

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