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In the events of the past few days, a few items have come to mind worthy of mention. The first “history” lesson I want to point people to is the link below. Sacheen Littlefeather is who I was named after, and when you look at her activism in Hollywood in speaking about the mistreatment of the indigenous after declining an award on behalf of Marlon Brando for the Godfather (see video below).
She was 75 when she died last year and it should have made mainstream media news, and all that she did and fought for within her indigenous tribe is parallel to how I have been speaking up against transgenderism, sogi, child abuse/pedophilia, forced vaccination, discrimination, and basic human rights. It’s interesting to me too because, I recently heard that we “choose our life and lessons, name, and male/female body before we are born”, so the irony is uncanny to the parallels we are currently living through and how I have tried to speak up as well….

So, If it’s not bad enough that we get evicted and forcefully removed from our home and out of Kelowna, but we are now “visiting” on “leased” native land, apparently we are not allowed to sit and look at the beautiful work of art called EARTH. Asked to leave because meditation is threatening to a manager “just doing her job’ over on the land of OKIB… I can only access the marina at the lake or go to the grocery store, wow I thought I was an adult but everyone feels the right to try to parent me, and my rebellious teenager is going to snap at someone really soon because people are basically telling me I’m not allowed on this planet anymore..

The link below is the full speech that Sacheen Littlefeather was never allowed to give on behalf of Marlon Brando because she was told the 6 minute speech was reduced to 1 minute for her to speak. (more oppression)

Marlon Brando speaks about Sacheen Littlefeather

Sacheen Littlefeather’s death announcement and all her achievements.

Concentration camp, Nazi Canada is on ALL LAND right now, and I’m not longer allowed to be in my own country that I was born and raised in. Winter is coming and I have no home, no job, no belongings, no rights. They have been so afraid of me politically they had to take everything from me too, like they did with the indigenous to try to prove their “power”, but I call it cowardice. Courage is not the easy path, it’s the path of truth and morality, standing up for the ones you love at all costs. So when are the aliens coming to get me? Because at this point I need a rescue mission for divine intervention. I’ll always be the resistance.
Resistant to that which lacks common sense
Resistant to that which is abusive to others
Resistant to narratives which create division
Resistant to narcissistic behavior/energetic vampires
Resistant to overgiving and people pleasing
Resistant to self betrayal and oppression
Resistant to “political correctness”
Resistant to politics
Resistance to anything that harms another life
Resistant to that which harms earth and nature
Resistant to that which creates greed for the selfish instead of abundance for all.
Resistance to child abuse and pedophilia.
Resistance of trampling over human rights.

Thanks for following, my name is Sacheen, it’s not Littlefeather, but the spirit resonates. It’s my honor to have been named after such an amazing Indigenous activist who spoke with integrity, honesty and humility.

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I am a holistic mental health coach and have over 20 years combined education, research, training and experience in mental health, counselling and psychology. My previous experience in the mental health field has consisted of working with a diverse range of specialties that include communities and clients affected with special needs, addictions and recovery, workshop presentations, individual counselling, group facilitations, as well as crisis interventions, to name a few. Since Spring of 2019, my life situation has forced my learning to take on a new direction and there has been so much information and personal growth, a huge shift in my well-being holistically. This has given me a driving passion to teach others these amazing tools, information and application of what you can begin to implement in order to live your very best life no matter what your personal situation is. There’s something for everyone here, I will be referring mostly to the cause, effects, education, consequences and implementations towards your recovery, no matter what it is you are challenged with at this time in your life. Currently located in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canad, my personal journey has contributed to a path of coping with chronic pain through various accumulated stressful and traumatic experiences that were stored unconsciously within the body. Personal traumas ranging from sexual assault, “special needs” parenting of an “Aspergers transgender” child, “parental alienation”, abusive relationships, divorce, and so much more. My goal is to teach you the steps you will learn to take, to heal your mind, emotions and body, simultaneously. Each person is unique and results vary, but this is the start of a journey that could result in a lasting and healing process of do-it-youself-care.


  1. What a lovely tribute to Sacheen Little-Feather and how she resonated with you and your own spiritual quest, reason for being here. These things that were taken, are just that, things of an unjust and violent system serving only to separate us all from ourselves, God and from each other through fear, judgement, greed and violence (covert and overt). We will no longer live through such an unjust world for this matrix will fall away into shattered pieces.

    1. Thank you Angela, yes we must understand how much we are all connected, in humanity, place of residence (Earth) and all life forms upon this kingdom. When the truth all is revealed, then we can all truly begin to heal ourselves, each other and most importantly – replenish and restore our beautiful Mother Nature towards peace, harmony and abundance for all 🙂

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