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Internal Family Systems is the dissociation we all experience from our upbringings, our families of origin – an individual approach to the Family Systems Therapy that was used for families of High Conflict Divorce within the recommendations of the legal system within family court (not that any of those were priority in such families in the past, which has created an abundance of traumatic events and mental health crisis in epidemic proportions right now with alienation, isolation and loss of parental rights).
Trying to integrate all the parts of us that we have created over our lifetime, is a lot of the hard part of shadow work and therapy. We all created patterns, and we need to unlearn those patterns from our environments from our upbringings. A lot of the feelings of shame get unaddressed as children, and we need to navigate through those triggers and work through them in our adult years, if we are self-reflective enough and willing to do the work.

I found this to be the best video and explanation of what this type of work is like. The inner critic that we all have within us, are the narratives we interpreted through our lifetimes. Many of these narratives are passed down through generations, we are dealing with ancestral and generational trauma. This is the best video i have found on inner children/shame and a bit of the explanation of the work I do.

I also highly recommend Brene Brown in her expertise of work, research and data specifically with regards to shame. Something we do not pay enough attention to, yet it is much of the root cause of our issues of safety within our self trust (or lack of), that we carry and pass on to others. Much of this is conditioning and learned before the age of 7.

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I am a holistic mental health coach and have over 20 years combined education, research, training and experience in mental health, counselling and psychology. My previous experience in the mental health field has consisted of working with a diverse range of specialties that include communities and clients affected with special needs, addictions and recovery, workshop presentations, individual counselling, group facilitations, as well as crisis interventions, to name a few. Since Spring of 2019, my life situation has forced my learning to take on a new direction and there has been so much information and personal growth, a huge shift in my well-being holistically. This has given me a driving passion to teach others these amazing tools, information and application of what you can begin to implement in order to live your very best life no matter what your personal situation is. There’s something for everyone here, I will be referring mostly to the cause, effects, education, consequences and implementations towards your recovery, no matter what it is you are challenged with at this time in your life. Currently located in the beautiful city of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canad, my personal journey has contributed to a path of coping with chronic pain through various accumulated stressful and traumatic experiences that were stored unconsciously within the body. Personal traumas ranging from sexual assault, “special needs” parenting of an “Aspergers transgender” child, “parental alienation”, abusive relationships, divorce, and so much more. My goal is to teach you the steps you will learn to take, to heal your mind, emotions and body, simultaneously. Each person is unique and results vary, but this is the start of a journey that could result in a lasting and healing process of do-it-youself-care.

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