Love letter to “my” stepgirls

This “Evil” Stepmom – a letter for my bonus girls.

I know I didn’t birth you, but I still felt the need to protect
A stepmom steps into harms way, with nothing at all to collect.
A fairy godmother remember Em, works very hard behind the scenes
To comfort her godchildren when they eventually learn that nothing is what it seems.

Integrity Chloe, is doing what’s right even when no one else looks
This is something you are, not something you learn by reading university books.
Standing up against child abuse being allowed in our schools and courts,
Standing up for freedom of speech not for what other people choose to distort,

Standing up for our future children and grandchildrens’ rights,
Standing up against tyranny in our corrupt political and government plights.
Standing up for yourself and others, even if it means people will judge,
Standing up against toxic people who choose forever to hold a grudge.

Standing up against psychological warfare and mass formation
Standing up against medical profits that result from medical mutilation
Standing up against pedophiles who want to harm our kids
Standing up against family who sell children for high bids.

Standing up against homelessness because they have fallen on hard times
Standing up against money laundering, they aren’t getting another dime.
Standing up against anything isn’t for the faint of heart
But in holding authentic love for others, we get to do our part

Standing up against medical experiments that are known to have caused harm
People in charge look at us all like we are just sheep on a farm.
Standing up and working towards creating change for a better world ahead,
Instead of enabling the pain and suffering in which a system wants us all dead.

This is just a little insight into the kind of mental health advocacy work I do,
I hope that when you’re both ready, you’ll come seek out the real truth.
Your father has cried countless nights because he missed you so much
He gave up trying to reach out because he was never good enough.

Maybe one day you’ll see through all the lies that kept you sad and lonely
When you read through all the material we’ve kept, they are just for your eyes only
The one thing I wished when I connected with my Dad was proof of who was right
It’s not who that matters as much as learning the other side, so we can collect new insight.

I pieced it together when I heard what he said because I grew up with my mom
Then I learned through piecing it together, she accused him of what SHE had done.
She took me away from him when I was only 4 years old, we left on the bus,
She taught me to fear him kidnapping me to get back at her, enmeshing me to us.

I spent my childhood in fear of what I thought was a crazy man who was a part of me
We lived in a town where they both grew up and I was kept from that family
When I started to search at 12 years old, my grandpa I went to go meet
Then my mom and stepdad decided to move us away in a heartbeat.

I wrote notes down all the times you were with us, so much fun we had together
I knew one day you would want to know, because I doubted you’d remember.
I don’t even think you know how hard we fought and tried to get time with you,
Court systems, lawyers, family conflict only create and enable child abuse

Keeping a parent away from the other while forcing them to pay child support
Kids need time with both parents but instead they are there to exploit and extort.
Chloe kept saying you wanted to be kept out of the middle, I heard it loud and clear
Yet, someone kept putting you there as a way to manipulate and control your fears.

I understand this info, will cause tremendous grief
I know because I lived it too, memories with my Dad were brief.
To realize the lies were told by one you trusted most,
My mother blocked my contact with him, became a gatekeeping host.

I was given all her anger to turn towards my Dad,
Instead it turned against myself, it seemed like it was me who was bad.
Children don’t know better if they have been taught to hate,
It’s generational trauma that causes a parent to alienate.

You are half your mom and half your Dad, kids need to learn to love
Parents need to remind each other that kids are our gifts sent from above.
The evil stepmom programming, it needs to be removed,
Nothing we could ever do, would have ever been approved,

By your always angry mother, who fought in courts for full control
Didn’t help anyone involved and only caused further vitriol.
Your mother hated her stepmom and then her childhood issues played out
She created a scapegoat of me to you only because, she couldn’t figure that out.

Anger is like drinking poison waiting for another person to die,
What really happens, however is the pain eats away at us inside.
It’s not your fault, you did not know how toxic it had become,
Learn to love yourself complete, so you don’t pass this trauma on.

I finally got the courage to begin a new relationship with my Dad
It is one of the very few things I did of which now I am so very glad.
I decided to learn his side of things so I could be free from my mothers’ hate
Everything I was told about as a child, kept me in a perpetual anxiety fear state.
One day when you feel like you are ready, we are here with open arms,
This stepmom loves you because that is who SHE is, tries to keep you safe from harm.

Lots of love both of you Emrie and Chloe

Love Always,


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