Covert Mothers

So it seems to me, that when I post new blogs or information on my website there are trolls that attack me and want me to publish their false accusations. I wonder if they really thought that was smart.. I have no problems exposing the truth or the people that are like this because they… Continue reading Covert Mothers

IFS-Parts Work

Internal Family Systems is the dissociation we all experience from our upbringings, our families of origin – an individual approach to the Family Systems Therapy that was used for families of High Conflict Divorce within the recommendations of the legal system within family court (not that any of those were priority in such families in… Continue reading IFS-Parts Work

Thrive 7 Day Wellness Summit

Thrive Summithosted By Brian Vaszily Welcome to this special holistic tips and hints email as a result of my attendance at this 7 Day Summary with World Renowned Doctors, Researchers and even Pharma Whistleblowers of all kinds (see Day 1 Notes, email me if you did not get them), chiming in on what Health really… Continue reading Thrive 7 Day Wellness Summit

March 4 Children

For Joshua Lemmens info possible to extrapolate into your speech if you find it would be helpful or useful for September 20, 2023 Vernon SOGI protest. This blog wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t ask to expand on the “license to kill” comment I made a few weeks ago, so accolades to you for putting… Continue reading March 4 Children


Ahh, the irony of being forcibly removed from a rental property in Kelowna, just one day after I signed up online to run for the BC Independent Party. That same day was my husband’s 50th Gregorian Calendar earth year. What a celebration. It’s a good thing it’s just stuff, and the best part – the… Continue reading Crucified

Autism Symposium Takeaway

So I couldn’t even bother to attend and listen to this Supporting Autistic Transgender Youth webinar at the 2 day Autism Symposium I was in today, because I can’t even believe the oxymoron of this clearly uneducated and inexperienced speaker and narrative that has been hijacked under the guise of mental health. So instead, I… Continue reading Autism Symposium Takeaway

Generational Trauma & Aces; How did we get here? How Trauma Contributes to our Thoughts & Behaviors

What is Generational Trauma: First of all, before we begin I want you to all recognize that we all do the best we can with what we know at any given time. While we did the best we could unfortunately some things were unavoidable in creating generational trauma or living through it. Most people do… Continue reading Generational Trauma & Aces; How did we get here? How Trauma Contributes to our Thoughts & Behaviors