It is very well known within the trauma informed mental health community, that transgenderism is a result of trauma from childhood in which the person decided to self-harm based on an ideology of “connection” and “identity”. Correlations have been made with high ACE 4+ (see the Adverse Childhood Experiences page) scores. Below is a Masters… Continue reading Transgenderism

What is Neurohacking?

Neurohacking involves two activities: exploring your current mental abilities and upgrading them. Neurohacking is the science and art behind upgrading the mind, brain and body with many overlooked ancient practices. Some of these practices include: 1) Gratitude: Finding things to be grateful for starts creating more reasons to feel grateful in your everyday life and… Continue reading What is Neurohacking?

Placebo and Nocebo Effect

The below documentary is 28 minutes long and it goes through the scientific evidence of the power of the mind. He works with kids in some of this work so you can see the power of neuroscience in action. Placebo is positive thinking, nocebo is negative thinking. If you believe a pill will cure you,… Continue reading Placebo and Nocebo Effect

The Vagus Nerve

The Polyvagal Theory was proposed by Dr. Stephen Porges who is the director of Brain-body center at the University of Illinois. The polyvagal theory is the importance of the vagus nerve when it works optimally you are likely to recover quickly after stress, illness or injury. If it’s not functioning optimally the signals misfire and… Continue reading The Vagus Nerve


Oh shame. Brene Brown is the shame master researcher who speaks often about vulnerability. Vulnerability is where we find healing and acceptance, but if misused or abused, that vulnerability can be a deep sense of shame. But what is shame? Ever heard the term, “Shame on you!” That is a person’s attempt to make you… Continue reading Shame

Assertiveness Training

What does it mean to be assertive? Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting ‘wrong’. Assertive individuals are able to get their point across without upsetting others, or becoming upset themselves. Although everyone acts… Continue reading Assertiveness Training

Just Breathe

Throughout my own journey in healing my chronic health issues, as well as anxiety and stress, the biggest mistake I didn’t know I was making was shallow breathing. We have no idea the importance of our breath, and the irony is that throughout this pandemic of Covid-19, we have been told to wear masks all… Continue reading Just Breathe

Stages of Grief

Based on the Kubler-Ross Model of Grief there are 5 stages of grief, which can be experienced in any order. Most people fluctuate between denial, anger, depression and bargaining. Keep in mind that grief isn’t just when someone you know and love dies. It is any change in circumstance that causes extreme difficulty and it… Continue reading Stages of Grief

Abuse and Stockholm Syndrome

According to psychology today the list of emotional and psychological abuse are defined below. What are the warning signs of emotional abuse? Emotional abuse centers around control, manipulation, isolation, and demeaning or threatening behavior. Signs of abuse include: • Monitoring and controlling a person’s behavior, such as who they spend time with or how they… Continue reading Abuse and Stockholm Syndrome