Chlorine Dioxide or MMS

The author of the free PDF book at the bottom of the page, Brian Stone is a MBA, Ph D, Student of Health, below is an exerpt out of his chapter 4 explanation.

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“The FDA, the Mainstream Media and several of the Medical Ministries of Health around the world have given warnings about how terrible it is and
that we should stay away from it. My guess is that the Pharmaceutical Industry also loathes it but they tend to share their feelings quietly through the FDA and Media. I have discovered that if you “Google” or YouTube search MMS or Chlorine dioxide, you will get a whole slew of terrible things about it. However, if you use other internet browsers like “Duck duck go” or “Entireweb”
you will find a much more positive and truthful set of information about it0. After searching a little bit more, I found that the owners of Google and YouTube are, in part, the same investment banking groups that also own much of the pharmaceutical industries. With all of this, I am not trying to uncover dirt on a situation (Yes, several books and websites have outlined this
conspiracy but you won’t find many of them on YouTube). I am just trying to understand why things are the way they are with Chlorine Dioxide as a medicine. The investors simply don’t want one of their multi-billion-dollar investments to openly share information that will cannibalize the other multi-billion-dollar investment. It makes good business sense. However, we are talking about lives and quality of lives that are being sacrificed for profits here.”

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“Sodium Hypochlorite = Clorox Bleach = Don’t drink it!
“Lemon Juice” = Lemon Juice Bleach = Bleach hair or make lemonade to drink or
Chlorine Dioxide = Bleaching qualities, ok to drink in diluted form
In some industries, chlorine dioxide is used to bleach things. It works great! This is because ofthe oxygen content in it which helps to lighten the color on fabrics or hair without destroying the strength of it. Another word for this type of bleaching is “oxidation”. Some people think that this makes it dangerous. However, you can also bleach things by using lemon juice, honey,
sunlight, vinegar, cinnamon, salt and even baking soda. Chlorine dioxide will bleach things like fabric or paper in high concentrations. However, it is preferred because it doesn’t damage the fibers that it bleaches. It just lightens them up. Clorox Bleach damages fibers as it bleaches.
Some cities use Chlorine Dioxide to treat their water for drinking while other cities use Sodium Hypochlorite for their drinking water. Chlorine Dioxide is considered a little more expensive for water treatment but it has no known cancer-causing products. Sodium Hypochlorite (Clorox) does create some dangerous byproducts when it comes across certain biofilms in water pipes,
which makes it slightly dangerous.”

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