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    If you are interested in seeking 1:1 Coaching Services, please contact me in the form above with a brief description of what it is you are struggling with, and we will set up an appointment for a free consultation.

    Payment arrangements and agreements will be established on a case by case basis as we are a non-profit organization, I truly believe that affordability should not hinder the help you need which is why I operate on a sliding scale. Any extra donations or proceeds are always reinvested back into the local community to create a new paradigm of what health is supposed to be and helping those in need.

    This work will also assist me in continuing to add more information to the website and upgrade as needed.
    I value and respect my time as well as yours, and my goal at the end of the day is to give you the tools you need as quickly as possible in an effective and affordable, yet reasonable cost for coaching, while you also have access to the ever-changing and updated information on this site.

    My book will be available soon as well and it will have a wealth of information for those ready to implement lasting change!

    In our society, many people cannot afford to get the top professional help they would like (many therapists and psychologists charge $250+ per hour which is another elephant in society that needs to be addressed) when people need help the most.
    As a coach, I can not only offer a reasonable rate to your unique circumstance, but I also see this as an opportunity to give you all the tools you need as quickly as possible so as to not create a dependency for either of us. I also promise to give back to my community with what it is that you contribute to me in payment of services. If you pay $30/hr for coaching, a percentage of that will be reinvested back into the direct community events/needs (feeding the homeless, putting on educational events and/or creating a fun and safe environment for children, helping single mothers thrive, etc……we need to reinvest in our future and community in these ways!).
    If I can do all that as well on top of helping you heal while creating a living to keep doing this work, this is the heaven on earth we all can work towards and want. Working together can truly open our minds, hearts and creative centers to develop a beautiful world where no one is left behind.

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    Some professionals will work with clients for years, but to me if I can help you move through your concerns in a few sessions then that to me is success! As a bonus to you, imagine not having to harm your bank account for years of expensive sessions! Contact me for more options and information on how to get involved. 🙂


    Donations may be sent to my Crypto wallet at either of the following two options (or Contact me by email or Contact form to discuss other options.)

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