Endo-cannabinoid system

What the link below explains, is how essential the cannabinoid system is to our healing and health. We have been lied to about the miraculous effects of marijuana (THC) and CBD because there’s no profit in healthy people.


One of the biggest well kept secret due to the health industry and the profit it generates, is that we have this endocannabinoid system that is extremely important to keep at a healthy functioning level as this is one of the crucial system that works with all other systems. Many people think of cannabis as marijuana only, and a way that people abuse a drug for the “high”.
CBD oil however is extremely beneficial to the body for those who do not want to feel the “high” yet can benefit and boost their own endocannabinoid system to accelerate healing. See below for more information on what types of food also contain cannabinoids.
As you can see in the list above, there are many health issues that go along with a dysfunctional endocannabinoid system. When I first tried CBD oil, I had just sprained my ankle by falling on ice in the winter while I was walking and ended up on crutches for the first time. I was off crutches and back to normal walking within 3 weeks.
Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency, (CED), and ...
CBD Benefits (Cannabinoid) - Far More Than We Thought
If you do not like or want the benefits of THC as I said above from the “high” that people get on it and many do not like it, consider high quality organic CBD Oil to assist in many healing qualities such as described above. Always remember to do your own research on anything listed in this site, as well as check the recommended usage for any product you introduce to your system so you can monitor how you feel.
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The link below is another local company whom I personally know and have referred people to for various reasons including pet healing tinctures of the purest forms! CBD and endocannabinoid products truly perform miracles to not just humans, but animals. Skin care products also available. I support all companies that are in alignment with natural healing and I do not receive kickbacks or profits from them. They are just genuine, authentic people wanting to help others with their health!
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