Forgiveness For YOUR Health

“Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” – unknown
When we hold onto anger, we are only hurting ourselves. People are going to hurt us in our lives, intentionally or not, we are human beings and are going to feel at times misunderstood, ignored, rejected, abandoned and so on. I believe most people operate on good intentions, but when we focus on the pain it opens us to feel even more pain. Our attention goes where the energy flows. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, it’s not letting another person off the hook for harmful behaviors towards you. We can take a perspective and change it, to see the good in any situation no matter how terrible. Our emotional resilience is built on hardships and challenges.
Everything that happens to you is also happening for you so your soul can grow and evolve.
When forgiving someone, you are saying goodbye to the pain and burdens that your bad memories of them are giving you. Yes, they may come back every once in a while, but it will not be as bad anymore because you realized that it is what it is.

Radical forgiveness is important because of its emphasis on forgiving. In fact, this method forgives regardless of who’s at fault. It is radical because is not so much for the offender but rather for the well-being and inner peace of the forgiver. The primary motive behind this is to ensure that a person has learned to let go and move on from the past. Only when they free themselves by what weighs them down can they genuinely come to live a life of peace and contentment.

Based on the book and Radical Forgiveness Therapy created by Colin Tipping, his tools you will find helpful and enlightening to engage in. If you are looking to forgive someone in your life, including yourself for things you may have done that you are choosing to look at and heal, you may find the free worksheets helpful, they are available at the link below.

While part of the healing process involves therapy, you can never go wrong from accepting what has been for the sake of one’s well-being. As you let go of your anger, fears, and anxieties towards a person, so too does your inner peace come closer within your reach.

The process can be complex, and going through it will almost certainly reawaken the deep emotional trauma. You may have kept these pains for so long. But through this method, you can finally confront what has been haunting you and emerge stronger regardless of what has happened.