Germ theory vs Terrain Model of Health

GERM THEORY (note it is a theory, not a fact.) It is so pervasive that questioning it, to most people, is like saying the earth is flat. They may label the questioner as nuts or worse. We’re told that we can “catch” “bad” germs from others and vice versa through direct or indirect contact which causes illness.
This idea– germ theory– is foundational to the Western medical system. This belief is so persistent that public health measures have been used to enforce treatments on an unwilling population, violating the right to sovereignty over our own bodies. (aka mandated vaccination).

Germ theory and other medical premises are incomplete, some say even completely off base. Its foundational premise has never actually even been fulfilled by any so-called germ, virus, bacteria or infectious agent.
Early on, germ theory was paired with a scientific model for its proving. If germs really did cause disease, then certain conditions had to exist in order to prove it. If those conditions did not hold true, then the theory was not true, logical or scientific. The four criteria to be met were called Koch’s postulates. In the case of germ theory, they have never been proven true. * Germs Are Not Enemies

Debunking The Fraud Of Germ Theory

An Alternate, Natural Viewpoint–
The Cause, Nature and Purpose Of Disease

Disease is a process of physiological and biochemical changes within the body, producing certain signs and symptoms which we label as specific diseases. When diseases are categorized as communicable or infectious, it is not really meant that the disease, per se, is transmitted from one person to another. The concept actually is that an assumed cause of disease—virus, bacteria, etc.—is transmitted.
Disease is the result of many causes, most often due to the intrusion of toxins into the body by various methods– eating, drinking, lack of sleep. exercise and the proper needs of life, etc.
The actual process of disease (the fever, the inflammation, etc.) is the action initiated by the body to purge itself of toxic accumulations. But the causes, the processes, and the effects appear to be intermingled. Toxicity causes change in the processes of the body. These changes result in other changes as the body tries to cope. The situation becomes extremely complicated, with constant interaction between causes, processes, and effects.

For more reading (as this is only an exerpt), please read more about this at the link below if you are interested in learning more scientific facts and studies.

The link below speaks about “germ theory denialism” as well because that will come up in your research. You get sick because you’ve been poisoned, which makes sense as to why people of the same household often get sick within days of each other. Most illness occurs in winter as well, when we have less sunshine and we have not been eating well with holidays or events and the “goodies” that go along with it, or drinking flouride in the water, or taking certain medications. Take only what resonates, and always do your own research.