Internal Family Systems (IFS)

I have been trained in the newest and most effective approach to therapy that has been proven in conjunction with some lifestyle changes and openness to experience, in treating and healing through trauma, or emotional blockages in the body.
(E-motions = energy in motion).
What we are learning is that we have to integrate the various parts of us that have been created as a result of difficult times in our lives particularly in our most vulnerable times of programming which is childhood, and integrate those wounded parts of us, with the resilient parts of us (called interoception). We all have part, they are there for our survival and protection…. There are no bad parts and they can show up in a feeling, a sound, or a vision. Sometimes we can’t explain parts because we didn’t have words for them as children. This is called neuroception, see the 17 minute YouTube link below to learn more about how we create parts and the process of neuroception.

Adverse childhood experiences we have, get trapped in the body as physical/mental struggle as we weren’t feeling safe as children sometimes. Big people can overwhelm and frighten us as children.. We need to integrate these trapped subconscious overwhelms by remembering how we coped, tap into that resiliency to remind ourselves how we are safe in our grounded bodies as we learn to re-train ourselves about what “safety” is. Co-regulation and emotional regulation of our nervous system isn’t something that we are aware of, which is why being present and being aware is so crucial to being able to hear the messages our bodies are telling us. See the free PDF resources below, many self-help IFS resources to use. A textbook, a workbook and how to self-therapy to learn about parts and start to meet them so you can begin to integrate your various parts.