For the Youth

If you need help with other things such as feeling suicidal, there are some options below for immediate assistance.
USA/Canada Suicide line: 1-800-784-2433
Canadian Children’s Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
Canadian Children’s Text: 686868
USA/Canada Teen line: 1-800-852-8336 (6pm-10pm PST)

Free online assistance from anywhere and anytime:
USA help text: 2-1-1

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First of all, thank YOU for visiting. I hope that whatever help you need (no matter what the issue is), you are able to find it within this website. There are many resources on this site that I hope you will find helpful to navigate through these difficult times.

50 Famous Inspirational Quotes for Teenagers - Quotes Yard
Always keep your inner child alive! What are your passions and hobbies? Singing, dancing, painting, playing instruments, reading? Whatever it is, if it makes your heart feel good…do it often
Prince EA is an amazing inspirational speaker! He speaks in poem, music and truth. I hope you enjoy his work like I do and that you find more like this messaging that makes you feel hopeful about the future.

I can’t imagine going through this pandemic as a teenager or young adult. What is happening in the world is not healthy. Despite what others are saying is “normal” it is very much abnormal to stifle your breathing and to be bullied for not wearing a mask (or for any reason, but this is what is prevalent right now), the peer pressure to “be cool” and fit in because everyone else is doing it, is a very harmful message!
You are strong enough to get through this. What’s happening to youth and children right now with masking, the idea of being dangerous to others, and medical pressure is abuse to adults, so it’s definitely child abuse. You deserve better than all these silly rules, and many people are fighting so hard to give you better and stop these harmful mandates and behaviors.

Trauma is a normal response, to an abnormal situation.

YOU are NOT dangerous to anyone, and there’s nothing wrong with you for standing up for yourself if you don’t want to do something that everyone else wants you to do….. don’t ever let anyone convince you that you are. Standing up for yourself is necessary sometimes and very courageous!
You will not harm any family members because you are breathing, all of these techniques being used is a form of programming called grooming and they are used and enforced by abusers. Breath is life, we need oxygen to live and that’s a very basic need.
None of what you are going through right now is your fault and yes it’s confusing because you have been told this repeatedly time and again about how dangerous you are, which has been a shocking lie, it is not science, and you are not alone, nor are you “crazy”.
Unless you are physically hurting someone; you are not at fault for any of these situations you are in no matter what others say. Coercion means peer pressure and it is the responsibility of the adults, teachers, community and people around you to protect you from such harmful pressures.

Redefining the Face Of Beauty
This song now that I am an adult, really helps me connect to that scared little girl I was.
You can rescue yourself too and you will because you have more strength than you could possibly know, you can learn how to tap into it when you are scared.
“I will never stop marching to reach you…”
“I hear your SOS, your SOS”
You are your own hero.

The above link will take you to a page where there are a few tips that you can begin using right now to help manage your current stress, methods on how to relax, as well as assistance with problem solving, as well as some worksheets you can fill out if you desire.

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