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What is Holistic Healing?
Holistic looks at everything in your environment as it is the key to health, or dis-ease.

There are so many ways to heal ourselves. Many of these cures have been suppressed by western medicine for the sake of profit. There are many psychological trauma induced health issues but healing is all focused on a holistic in the approach I take with clients. Many of these natural cures have little risk of side effects and work more effectively than pharmaceuticals. My personal motto is turn towards nature first, western medicine is a very last resort. We have been so indoctrinated to think nature is harmful when it really isn’t, but nature cannot be patented and is very available and affordable, not to mention it works more often than not. Below I will speak to a few very simple nutrition basics, herbs, teas and essential oils you can begin using in your personalized at-home pharmacy.

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NUTRITION: in looking at the holistic environment in which we live, we have to look at what we are putting into our bodies as far as nutrients. Many of us have become nutrient depleted through various pesticides, herbicides and additives to foods, or what we thought were food. When I implemented in my daily lifestyle eating more organic meat, wild fish, organic eggs, fruits and vegetables, I felt so much better. I avoid gluten as much as possible, as it is toxic to your digestive system and there are many studies on the harms.

As for what you drink, purified water (avoid tap water as much as possible as it is filled with flouride and sits in the pipes often for too long which is the film left behind in your showers and tea kettles.), organic juice or juicing your own fruits and vegetables at home, as well as many beneficial herbal teas. While these things may seem out of reach or even expensive, you need to decide for yourself how much your health is worth to you and act in your own best interest to make those changes, so you heal faster.

I’ll move on now to different types of medicinal and herbal teas that you can incorporate into your daily life and links to the different healing benefits they give. These are staples within my cupboard and you can mix and match or flavor according to your own personal preference in taste.
Be sure to buy or pick organic for best results.
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If you prefer the essences of mother nature from these lovely plants whether in place of tea or just as a quick remedy to use in conjunction, ensure that your oils are always high quality as they get into your blood stream rapidly. While they are mostly harm free when inhaling or applying, I caution against internal ingestion because they are so potent.


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The below link has an abundance of information regarding various natural cures and the placebo effect. A local like minded natural healer based friend of mine who is knowledgeable in many natural healing cures, educates and coaches others to take responsibility of their physical health into their own hands by using her very simple 3-step program of diet, super foods and herbs. I do not receive any kickbacks for her work but I always support like minded people in their knowledge and products.
Thanks Donna!

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