Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

The future of medicine, is moving towards integration of the holistic person in healing the brain and enhancing neuroplasticity through plant medicine. Quantum healing, epigenetics, trauma clearing, energy healing and addiction intervention is what is going to be the new healing modalities.
Plant medicines have been used for 1000’s of years by Indigenous cultures around the world.

Psylocybin is 1000x stronger and more effective in treating depression than the standard western medicine and prescribed anti-depressants. Psylocybin also clears heavy metals from the body which expands our consciousness and thinking. Imagine how threatening Psychedelic mushrooms are to big pharma which is why they don’t want to regulate it or legalize it.
LSD is effective for helping assist in chronic pain.

Stay tuned, I will be creating a page with much more detailed information in the coming weeks as I learn and process all this new (yet ancient, lost wisdom) amazing research, and what the findings are. I was happy to see a Magic Mushroom store opened in Kelowna,BC today, and this is the new health paradigm.