Substance Withdrawal

I’ve created this page for those who are wanting to wean off various substances, as more information comes to the forefront about the toxins that have been given to us both knowingly and some unknowingly, is one of the reasons I have created this page. We are moving away from labels so people do not become addicted to their “depression” or “anxiety”. Humans have all kinds of emotions that come and go and if they don’t go they get caught within the body until that E-MOTION has been processed and physically released through body work/movement. ALL addictions are curable, but it requires a new way of existing in the world as we know it.

I believe and have believed most of my life that most “addictions” are not just a result of traumatic events occurring to people in their lives, but also a result of nutrients/vitamins and mineral deficiencies that were/are caused from the ingestion of such substances. It is not a character flaw, it is a maladaptive response to an abnormally distressing event or events. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or CPTSD, Complicated Grief, Attachment Trauma based on high ACES score -see the adverse childhood experience scale page here http://adverse-childhood-events-questionnaire

Addiction can be a repetitive thought, behavior (gaming, gambling, binge watching TV, scrolling endlessly on social media, even exercising too much was one of mine many years ago) or coping method. This is why my website is called addicted to fear – i was afraid of becoming a chronic pain non-functioning woman like my mother, to the point that I was putting myself in that situation by focusing on that fear because of the pain, it became an unconscious thought loop that I had to interrupt – the brain doesn’t know different. We all have coping methods that change throughout our life.
None of these are wrong, coping is how you get through extremely difficult scenarios and situations in life, the new triage is going to be “coping” as a starting point towards healing.

What substances do I mean? They are not just “illicit drugs” or alcohol, they are also:

  • Sugar
  • pharmaceuticals
  • Toxins in items you use on your body like deoderants and soaps and moisturizers if they are not all natural (nothing at a typical grocery store)
  • Toxins and chemicals from “cleaning” in your environment (We use vinegar and baking soda)
  • Food dyes and additives
  • Chemtrails falling from the sky thanks to the airplanes being funded for such criminality
  • Vegetables and Fruits are sprayed with pesticides/herbicides or are genetically modified (when shopping buy stickers that start with 9)
  • Gluten in bread which destroys your microbiome and gut flora (Buy alternative bread/flour)
  • Hormones in dairy and meat
  • Seed oils we consume in various food or if people eat fast foods

All of these things destroy and harm our bodies. I talk little about substances because people focus on their own personal bias around a particular substance based on their own experiences and/or programming they’ve heard from others’ experiences, which then continues to pass more stigma around. Not every “addict” is a bad person, immoral, a thief or violent (remember it’s just a label which is a judgement passed anytime someone refers to another as an addict). Consider this, why – if the government knows these “drugs” are bad for people – why don’t they stop selling them? Why don’t they take them off the streets or the black market? Why is it an issue if someone consumes a plant over a synthetic chemical to alter a state of consciousness? Let me remind you Health Canada is like the FDA and they are the ones who pass the dangerous drugs and toxic foods as “healthy”, it’s a lie – healthy = Heal Thy Self.

When I work with clients, we don’t focus as much on the substance as we do about the pain that led them down that path. As Gabor Mate once said, “It’s not why the addiction, it’s why the pain?” We are learning various psychedelics (when done in a therapeutic setting), can help move people through their trauma much faster.
People begin to heal, the moment they feel heard and when they have safety.

I did find another fascinating website below full of all kinds of amazing and tips surrounding specific substances and how to reduce their impact through natural means such as NAC to assist with cocaine withdrawal (I was researching natural cures for a client and discovered it), find that wealth of information from a UK practitioner below.
Ibogaine is a drug that helps assist with withdrawal from opioids, and we are awaiting that to arrive in Canada, imagine the withholding of a treatment for opioid addiction after all this time. There’s no profit in healthy people, so right now, people need to do what they can to take back their individual healing power.