The Vagus Nerve

Polyvagal Theory

The Polyvagal Theory was proposed by Dr. Stephen Porges who is the director of Brain-body center at the University of Illinois. The polyvagal theory is the importance of the vagus nerve when it works optimally you are likely to recover quickly after stress, illness or injury. If it’s not functioning optimally the signals misfire and bring feelings of pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression and various autoimmune issues. The vagus nerve is the gearshift between the fight/flight sympathetic nervous system and the calm and recovered parasympathetic nervous system. We should be in the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) 80% of the time. You cannot heal in any other state other than the parasympathetic nervous system state.

The PNS functioning optimally does these things: improves digestion, speeds detoxification processes, combats inflammation, boosts immunity, reduces depression and anxiety, relieves pain, improves gut health, increases adrenal health, boosts energy, improves heart health, increases muscle strength, enhanced sexual health, balances blood sugar, alleviates trauma and ptsd, relieves insomnia, regulates appetite and weight, strengthens memory, enhances breathing.
A poorly functioning brain does not stimulate the vagus nerve. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt found 95% of his chronically ill patients had a compromised vagus nerve function. Vagus nerve dysfunction is caused by heavy metals, antiobiotics, bacteria, viruses, parasites, biotoxins and evnironmental toxins, stress, traumas (body gets caught in freeze state, the body has 4 states of stress coping and they include fight, flight, freeze and faint).

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Congestion in the lympathic flow in the neck can cause toxins to build and linger. If you want to learn how to detoxify your lympathic drainage for detox there are many. One is going onto a trampoline (they have the small ones for your house to jump around in), dry brushing or anything impactful like jumping jacks, etc.
Ok, so maybe the above jumping around isn’t in your list of things to do, but there are other ways. One I want to mention is essential oils. Essential oils are derived from nature in an extremely concentrated form which has a high energy frequency and healing abilities.

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Before the dis-ease set in my husband would often rub my feet, so when I was full of difficult sensations in the left foot over time my husband was able to touch my feet again and we often would put essential oils on.

Please keep in mind that essential oils need to be as pure as possible, so if you choose to use them, make sure they are 100% pure. There are many essential oil distributors with great products and reputation. I personally use NOW, Aromaforce and Aura Cacia, however if I knew someone who distributed them through Young Living I would be inclined to buy those also. Remember these go right into your blood stream so what you put on your skin is very important. I’ve added the link below for more information on lymphatic drainage and stimulation to detox and calm your fight/flight response. I remind people to do their own research when choosing oils, the link below is for education purposes only.

How to Use Natural, Essential Oils | ULearning
If you get adventurous you could learn how to make your own! It’s on my list of things to try!