His website for assisting others through de-transitioning as someone who did so himself.

It is very well known within the trauma informed mental health community, that transgenderism is a result of trauma from childhood in which the person decided to self-harm based on an ideology of “connection” and “identity”. Correlations have been made with high ACE 4+ (see the Adverse Childhood Experiences page) scores. Below is a Masters Thesis connecting gender identity to childhood experiences for those of a clinical or trauma informed background, or for anyone who is interested in learning more.

This is the mental health crisis we are currently living through, many people with multiple layers of trapped trauma that contributes to physical, emotional and psychological issues within the collective. The pharmaceutical and medical industry have preyed upon people who are traumatized, isolated, vulnerable, stressed and struggling to fit into this world. I have an Asperger’s child (which in itself is traumatizing to him because of bullying and not feeling like he fit in anywhere), and he fell into the transgender trap of psychological warfare all because the mental health field operated and was funded by the government who had narratives to follow by pushing this agenda, medical field, media, tv, gaming & movie programming and indoctrination schools preyed upon to such a degree he waged war on the masculine aspects of himself. This is systemic abuse at the highest levels and a spiritual war causing people to harm themselves based on taxpayers’ dollars…
The following book is a very helpful tool to help make sense of what has happened in our society. Alex Serritella worked with a bachelor of arts in psychology as a teacher in the school system for 18 years. He has multiple fields of research, studies and testimonials from various sources and has discussed how the transgender and medical experimentation has been going on since World Wars.

This is an endgame for humanity if we do not protect vulnerable populations, starting with our children. Below is information on how to get extra help if you have regrets or are confused about your identity. You never should have to look outside of yourself for comfort and soothing, however in our alienating world of “every man for himself” mentality, it’s no wonder we haven’t been taught how to do things like self-soothing.
Our school systems need a complete overhaul to start teaching basic life skills to our children so they learn to love themselves, not cut parts of themselves off. This is an extreme dissocation as a result of a traumatic background. You are not alone, and you can get help at a very reduced rate through my services, or through hearing others courageous stories. We have all had to fight our way through having to become comfortable with ourselves AS WE ARE. Perfectly made from birth in God’s image of BOY or GIRL.

You are not alone, website below.

Some Regret Stories
Short 27 minute documentary