What is Neurohacking?

Neurohacking involves two activities: exploring your current mental abilities and upgrading them. Neurohacking is the science and art behind upgrading the mind, brain and body with many overlooked ancient practices.

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Some of these practices include:

1) Gratitude: Finding things to be grateful for starts creating more reasons to feel grateful in your everyday life and more things will start to come into your life to be grateful for, you will manifest more. Take a moment to be grateful over your meals before you eat, be grateful for the birds singing outside, the sun on your skin, the smile from a stranger, etc. This helps us also to be more in the present moment.

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2) Downtime and self-reflection: some people enjoy journaling or just sitting in the living room listening to meditative frequencies. When you learn to calm and quiet your mind, you will start to find over time that you have a much more regular sense of inner peace when you can allow feelings to flow through and not get stuck in the body.

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3) Goal Setting: Use the SMART goal technique. Start with Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Based. They do not have to be large goals either because creating change comes in baby steps, but just do something it’s better than doing nothing.

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4) Sleep: be sure you are getting the proper amount of rest because this is when your body can repair and heal from the day. You need to be sure you are getting into the proper brain waves to allow the body to heal.

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5) Movement: exercise is so important! If you have been out of practice with exercise, using the SMART goals you can start with something as simple as walking around the block for a week, then increase it gradually, before you know it you might be climbing mountains 😉
You can also engage in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi jong, and any other meditative type movements. Dancing also works if you’d rather!

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6) Nutrition: So important to be aware of the food you are eating and the impact of that food on your body and overall well-being. Organic Fruits/Vegetables/juices, Grains, If you eat meat be sure it’s organic and free range, same with your eggs, and fish as well-be sure to never eat farm raised fish they are often loaded with chemicals that are harmful.

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7) Supportive people you can trust. Friends/family or if you don’t have those you can always find a coach to help you through some things if necessary. Be mindful of the company you keep.

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8) Volunteering has a strong correlation in the sense of meaning, it’s about the company you give to others. Get out into the community and volunteer to do things, you might find some wonderful like-minded people there!

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9) Solitude! Take time to yourself to be creative. We are often stuck in left brain which is the thinking brain and we have neglected our right brain and creative side, so we are unbalanced by overloading the left side of the brain. Creativity is needed and it involved simple things like painting, playing music, coloring, drawing, etc.

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10) Lighting: Sunshine! You need vitamin D. The blue light we are exposed to with our e-readers, tablets, cell phones, computers and television reduces the production of melatonin which then interrupts our sleep cycles. Be sure to turn off your devices an hour before bed whenever possible.

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11) Air and water quality. Be sure to get some fresh air every day instead of stagnant stale indoor air, even opening the windows in your home can make a huge difference. Be sure also that you are drinking alkaline water or at least non-flouridated water which is often what we have in tap water. Flouride is a neurotoxin and interrupts various systems in the body creating more dis-ease.

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12) Sleep conditions: Did you know that a fully blacked out room will increase levels of melatonin in the brain helping you sleep better? Also be sure you are not too hot, optimal temperatures at night should be on the cooler temperatures of around 65C.

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